11 Best Dota 2 Plush Toy for Players

Dota 2 Plush Toys have become one of the most popular choices among players. They are great collectibles for any Dota 2 fan.
Dota 2 plush toy

Dota 2 Plush Toys have become one of the most popular choices among players. They are extremely cute and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes which means you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

Plush toys are very important to Dota 2 players because they can make their favorite heroes come to life in order to share the love with them.

What is Dota 2 Plush Toy?

Dota 2 plush toys are made to look like Dota 2 heroes who have specific abilities. These plush toys are typically made of high-quality materials and are made to look like the heroes in the game. These specific Dota 2 plush toys are made out of soft, fluffy fabric.

People who play Dota 2 want to get closer to the heroes they care about and they want to collect all the heroes’ dolls on the market, which means they need to find new places where they can buy these dolls. You can find many different versions of Dota 2 plush toys on the internet and in stores like Steam Value or Dota 2 Store.

Every Dota 2 player has their own favorite hero and they can show their love for them by buying a Dota 2 doll of that hero. Dota 2 is not just a game, but it is also a hobby. It’s important to note that Dota 2 Soft Plush Toy isn’t just for gaming purposes, it can also be used as a way to relax or have cuddles with your loved ones. The Dota 2 Soft Plush Toy is a great collectible for any Dota 2 fan.

Why Do People Like to Buy Dota 2 Plush Toys?

A lot of people are fond of collecting Dota 2 plush toys. Here are some reasons why people love Dota 2 plush toys:
  1. They are made with high-quality materials and are well designed.
  2. They can be used as a souvenir or gifts for their loved ones.
  3. It is easy to collect them all by buying them one by one or in packages, which is much easier than playing for them for hours on end.

How to Find the Best Dota2 Plush Toys in the Market?

There are many things you need to consider when buying a dota2 plush toy. Quality is one of the important factors because it will determine what type of experience you will have with the doll. The price is also not very important, because it could be affordable if you are patient enough to wait for promotions and discounts.

There are many factors that go into determining the best Dota 2 plush toy in the market but the following plush can help you find one that will suit you best!

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden plush doll

Dota2 Crystal Maiden plush doll

Crystal Maiden is a popular Dota2 character among female players. So, if you are a female player and a big fan of Crystal Maiden, collect it now. 

This Crystal Maiden plush is rectangular in shape and comes in four color combinations of blue, purple, yellow, and white. The overall concept of the plush is based on the appearance and clothing of the characters in the game, and its style is very consistent with the characters in the game. The blue and purple parts of the plush are the cloak of Crystal Maiden, and its yellow part is the hair of Crystal Maiden, underneath which are white cheeks, black eyes, and a blue jewel set on the forehead. From the front, this plush doll has a cute shape and simulates the facial expression of Crystal Maiden, making it a well-designed plush doll.

At the same time, the rectangular design allows you to hold the Crystal Maiden plush tightly in your arms and feel the soft comfort. If that’s not enough, you can place it on the side of the bed and let it sleep with you, it will quietly listen to your voice, just like your family or girlfriend.

Dota 2 Windrunner Plush Doll

Dota2 Windrunner Plush Doll

Windrunner plush and Crystal Maiden plush is one series, both design style, and appearance contours remain the same, in other words, both plushes are rectangular, size and dimensions are also basically the same. The only difference is that the Windrunner plush’s cape is mainly green and brown, the hair is red, and the eyes are also green. Then again, the green plush cape is designed with a variety of beautiful patterns, these pattern elements can be very clear to present the characteristics of the Windrunner. From the expression form, this windrunner plush doll is staring wide-eyed, as if she is staring intently somewhere, ready to release her arrows.

If you have already collected the Crystal Maiden plush, you may also collect the Windrunner plush. Because they are one  series and different forms and will bring you a happy mood. You can place one of them on one side of the sofa, the other on the other side of the sofa, or next to the computer or wherever you want to put it.

Dota 2 Faceless Void Plush

dota 2 Faceless Void plush toy
The Faceless Void Plush is a very special plush, compared to other Dota2 plush, this plush is designed to look like an ancient animal, that is Tyrannosaurus rex. This Tyrannosaurus Faceless Void plush is filled with high-quality PP cotton, which is slightly elastic when stroked and makes your hands extremely comfortable. The entire plush is light purple, in its back in the form of embroidery painted with a pattern shaped like a spine. The spine is brown in color to distinguish it from the light purple of the body, which makes the whole spine pattern clearly recognizable.

The most special part is the head and teeth of the plush. The design of the plush’s head is inspired by the head of the Faceless Void Mask, and there is a purple line on the top of the head, which is very similar to the shape of the Faceless Void Mask’s head. The plush’s mouth is open, you can clearly see the upper and lower rows of white teeth.

At the same time, this Tyrannosaurus Rex plush also carries a tiny black plush backpack, the backpack is removable, can be used to place some small items such as cell phones, keys, mice, candy, and so on. Plush form at a glance is a stand in front of you is opening teeth of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, you should not feel afraid, it is a very cute Tyrannosaurus Rex plush, a representative of the warrior: the Faceless Void. For those who like both Tyrannosaurus rex and love Dota 2 games, this is definitely a collection that will amaze you.

Dota 2 Invoker plush

Dota 2 Invoker plush

This long Invoker plush can raise your love of the Dota 2 game to a new level. The plush is filled with high-quality PP cotton, which brings you excellent comfort when stroking. The blue, purple, and white color combination makes the whole plush more fashionable. The yellow cape is designed with some special patterns, which will represent the Invoker characters. The head of the plush consists of yellow and white, designed with hair, eyes, nose, and mouth, which completely restore the image of the Invoker in the game. The bottom of the plush is designed with hands and feet, making the whole plush look like a cute Shiba Inu. If you have a similar pet dog at home, it’s fun to collect this plush as your dog’s companion.

The face of the Invoker plush is drawn in black with super large and round eyes, 45-degree sloping eyebrows, and thin lips, which make the whole plush look extremely serious and seem to indicate that the Invoker is concentrating on the battle and must not be slack.

Collecting this plush can represent that you are a very refined Invoker player and that you know the use of magic like the back of your hand.

Dota 2 Io Plush

The Dota 2 Io Plush is a unique plush inspired by one of the wisp’s most precious skins: Benevolent Companion. As shown in the Benevolent Companion, the Io Plush is a six-sided figure made of a combination of blue, white, and red fabrics. The center of the plush is a white sphere filled with a very warm red heart design in the center of the four sides of the plush, and at each corner of the plush, the blue ladder is stuck to the main, they are somewhat similar to some desktop corner guards, which hold the white ball firmly in place. This plush is perfect for hugging, and, thanks to a hand-warming hole designed on both sides of it, you can put your hands in it to keep warm against the cold when the weather is cold.

If you’re an avid fan of Dota 2 Io, this plush will bring endless fun to your life!

Dota 2 Pudge Plush

Dota 2 Pudge Plush
Every extreme Pudge player is in constant pursuit of prey, and likewise, these prey include butcher collectibles, and the Pudge plush is one of them.

This Pudge plush design concept comes from The Toy Butcher, and many details are perfectly restored to the main features of the Butcher, including but not limited to colorful clothes, brown sling corset, red cherry nose, scarred face, grass-green hair, and a largemouth. The clothes are designed with buttons as well as a pink bunny pattern, making the entire Pudge plush even more interesting. The plush uses white buttons to serve as the butcher’s eyes, further enhancing the butcher’s personality.

Pudge plush in a sitting position can be easily placed on desks, sofas, and cars, can also be placed on your legs, so you can play the Dota 2 game while holding the Butcher plush.

Dota 2 Nature's Prophet plush

Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet plush with the head as a design reference, the Prophet’s head vividly displayed. The entire plush presents an oval shape, designed with ears, face, and horns. The face of the plush is very distinctly drawn with the Prophet’s eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and a special pattern representing the Prophet’s character. The plush as a whole consists of green, brown, blue, and a small amount of white, and these color styles bring out the characteristics of the Prophet in the game very well.

If you are an extreme Prophet player, collecting this plush will surely enhance your love for the Dota 2 game. With this plush, your little tree man will be ready to fight when called upon.

Dota 2 Juggernaut plushie

Dota2 Juggernaut plush

In addition to collecting the Dota 2 Juggernaut ceramic mug, Dota 2 players can also collect the Juggernaut plush. This Juggernaut plush is mainly made up of yellow, brown, and white, and its entire shape is very similar to the Dota 2 Invoker plush, which is also long in design with a head, feet, and body. On the white face, the Juggernaut’s mask is uniquely drawn in red, and the eyes of the Juggernaut are drawn in two yellow circles, which makes the entire Juggernaut plush very compatible with the character’s characteristics in the game.

The Juggernaut plush is designed with parallel hands and feet, which means that the Sword Saint plush can be placed very smoothly next to your computer desk, anywhere on the sofa, on the storage shelf, and on your legs, making it very convenient to use.
This Juggernaut plush is definitely a very necessary addition to the collection for Sword Saint players, and it is recommended to collect it as soon as possible while it is still available on the market, its lovely appearance will enhance your gaming experience!

Dota 2 Slark Plush Pillow

Dota 2 Slark Plush Pillow
Dota 2 Slark plush with a U-shaped design, is not only a plush doll, it is also a pillow that can relieve the pressure on the head and cervical spine.
The entire Slark plush doll consists of blue, purple, white, brown, and yellow in vibrant, lifelike colors. The plush is made of high-quality polyester fiber, soft but hard, a feature that meets the necessary conditions for a pillow.

Because Slark is a kind of deep-sea fish, the Slark plush refers to the form of fish, one end of the plush is the head, designed in blue, the other end is the tail, designed in light yellow, the middle is the body of the fish, designed in blue, near the head, designed in brown Slack gill cover, in the gill cover and the body above the design of Slark fins, designed in purple. The whole plush looks like a small fish with a bent body.

This Slark plush doll is especially suitable for people who play games for a long time or sit next to the computer, it can relieve the muscles of the head and neck and eliminate fatigue. Of course, you can also put it into a backpack to travel with it, on the train or car, you can always take it out and place it on the back of your neck to use, when not in use, and put it into the backpack, convenient and comfortable.

Dota 2 Ursa plush doll

Dota 2 Ursa plush doll
Compared to other Dota 2 plush toys, this Ursa plush is a very powerful toy with a fierce expression and a fighting stance that can scare off any enemy. The plush is colored in the game’s image, with blue, brown, white, gray, black, and purple for each part, such as blue hands, feet and body, pink paws, black nose, gray head and face, and brown body hair.

Of course, this ursine tribe plush doll and very likable and never tired of looking, especially the big head is both fierce and naive, if you put it and the Dota 2Juggernaut plush doll together, maybe they will fight who is the MVP, you think they will?
Ursa collection is not much, if you are an Ursa player, then consider clearly whether to collect this plush now, it will be on your side for you to improve your strong will and excellent carry ability.

Dota2 Ogre Magi plush

Are you looking for a multifunctional Dota2 plush doll? Then this Ogre Magi plush doll is what you want, it can be put as a normal plush doll, but also can be deformed to act as a U-shaped neck pillow. Made of high-quality material Ogre Magi plush doll overall mainly by the blue, yellow, and brown with the perfect restoration of the Ogre Magi’s naive character appearance. What makes it very special is that the upper part of the plush has two tight heads, which are very cute and interesting, and they can be tucked inside the plush to hide at any time. The lower part of the plush is a pair of feet, and each foot will be deformed into a U-shaped end when it is deformed into a neck pillow. The two ends of the neck pillow are designed with snap buttons for easy use.

Dota2 Ogre Magi plush

If you are a Dota2 Ogre Magi player, then you will definitely like this Ogre Magi plush, with this plush doll, your happy life will be double or even triple from the joy.

Benefits of collecting Dota 2 plush toys

Collecting a Dota 2 plush Toy doll can show your love for the game and also serve as a companion to watch over you. They are either cute or funny and add a lot of fun to your life. Moreover, these lifelike plush toys can be placed in your living room or bedroom as decorative items, adding a lot of beauty and vitality to the whole room.

At the same time, appropriate touch plush toys can be effective in alleviating the anxiety of people with low self-confidence. When you feel anxious, treat the stuffed animal as a relative or lover and hug them to slowly calm down your anxiety. Studies have shown that “petting a stuffed animal is actually the equivalent of a buffer, used to relieve the feeling of being socially alienated and isolated.”

Another very practical function is that Dota 2 plush toys can be used as a very comfortable cushion, when you are playing Dota 2 game or watching the computer for a long time, the body and eyes are very tired, quietly hug these plush toys, or, lean on them, and so on for a few minutes, you can reduce a lot of stress and worry, re-energized, ready for the next Dota2 battle.

One more use is that players can sleep peacefully with these Dota 2 plush toys when they sleep. Benefitting from these plush toys, DOTA2 fans can feel the atmosphere of Dota2 in their sleep, really do eat and sleep to play Dota 2 games, isn’t it beautiful?


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